Quebec Investor Program

The Quebec Investor Program enables investors to become Canadian permanent resident by investing CAD $1,200,000 (refundable after 5 years & guaranteed by the Government of Québec) through an authorized financial intermediary or by financing that investment from the financial intermediary with an one-time cost for around $350,000 (non-refundable).


1. Low-risk and passive investment

The investment of CAD $1,200,000 is guaranteed by the Québec Government and fully refundable after 5 years and no managerial role is required. 

2. Flexibility

Financial intermediaries offer the possibility of refinancing.

3. Application for the whole family

The principle applicant can include spouse and dependent children in the application who will obtain the same status as the principle applicant. 

4. Benefits of permanent residency

Enjoy benefits like universal health care, Canada Child benefits, free-public education and chances of going to world-class universities etc.


To be eligible for the Program, you must:

  • Have, alone or with your accompanying spouse or de facto spouse, net assets of at least CAD $2,000,000 obtained legally, not including any amounts received by donation less than six months before your application is filed;

  • Have management experience for at least two years in the five years before the application for a selection certificate. Duties related to the planning, management and control of financial, human or material resources must be included under your authority. This excludes experience acquired in the context of an apprenticeship, training or specialization leading to a diploma;

  • Have the intention to settle in Québec and sign an Investment agreement with an approved financial intermediary (broker or trust company) to participate in the Investor Program;

  • Commit to a five-year term investment of CAD $1,200,000 with Investissement Québec - Immigrants Investisseurs Inc.

  • Obtain an attestation of learning about democratic values and the Québec value. Family members who accompany you (your spouse of 16 years of age or older and your dependent children of 18 years of age or older) must also obtain the attestation.
    Note: Starting from January 1, 2020, all permanent selection applications submitted under one of the economic immigration programs should meet the new selection condition: learning of democratic values and the Québec values.


The assessment of your application will also take into consideration of other factors such as your age, education and language skills.

Source: Immigration, Francisation et Intégration Québec