Language Courses & Exams 


Do you need to learn or improve English or French?  You are in the right place.

1. Why should you choose us? 

We are parters with language schools and we provide personized service for students who register language courses with us. We help students:

  •   Fill in the registration form; 

  •   Collect tuition fees and pay to the partner school;

  •   Verify all the related documents;

  •   Provide free suggestions about the course extension, downgrade or upgrade request, program change and more;

  •   Assist students with insurance, certificate, attestation letter or transcript requests;

2. What programs our partner schools provide?

  •  English: General English/ IELTS/ Business English

  •  French: General French/TEFAQ/ Business French

  •  Bilingual program 

  •  Junior program: Summer camp; Elementary & High school program 

  •  Evening courses: English &French courses; IELTS; TEFAQ 

  •  Online courses: Adults & Young Adults; TEFAQ preparation; Teens & Kids 

  •  Private courses 

3. What's the general schedule of languages course? 

    Please see the photo in this web page for the detailed schedules.

4. Do the partner school provide online course and face-to-face course? How much is the tuition?

   You can choose online course or face-to-face course. If you would like to choose online course, then the price will be     $190/week for full time (24 courses) and $150/week for part time (18 courses).

   For the face-to-face course, please contact us for the place and price information. 

  Note: Once your course start, you may switch from online mode to face-to-face mode or vice versa, however, you                   will not get the price difference if you switch from fact-to-face mode to online mode. You will need to pay for                the price difference if you switch from online mode to face-to-face mode. 

5. How do you evaluate my language level and place me in the right class? 

  You need to finish the online placement test first, then our coordinator will know you level well and place you into        the correct level. 

6. What documents I need to prepare if I would like to register language courses? 

  •    Fill in the registration form first.  

  •    For local students, documents needed are: Canadian passport or permanent card; medical insurane card 

          For international students, documents needed are: passport, valid visa, valid insurance policy or medical                          insurance card.

7. Does the partner school provide trial lesson?

   Yes,  our partner school do provide trial lesson and you will need to make an appoinment first. 

8. How long is one session?

    4 weeks is one session.

9. What's the covid-19 procedures?

  •   Face to face: must wear mask (in building or class)

  •   Location: 2 m distance

  •   Wash hands

  •   If feel unwell, stay at home for minimum 14 days required by Health Canada.

10. Does the partner school provide any equipment?

     Based on the requirement of  Health Canada, no other equipments will be provided during covid-19 at school,     including but not limit to microwave, vending machine, pens, paper and water etc. 

11. Does the partner school provide any tests? 

     Yes, our partner school is the testing center for Linguaskill and TEFAQ.