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1. What is a Commissioner for Oaths?

Commissioners for oaths are authorized to administer oaths or to take affidavits. Commissioners for oaths are appointed by the Minister of Justice. Depending on their qualification, they may do oaths:

  • Only in Québec;

  • Inside and outside Québec, for example in another Canadian province.

2. Why I need a Commisioner for oath to sign my documents?

  • to make a document official

  • to increase the credibility of your testimony

3. How do I know I need a Commissioner for oaths to sign my documents?

Check your document first. If you can find "Commissioner for oaths" or "Commissaire à l'assermentation", then you should need a commissioner for oath.

If it is not indicate in the document, then you might want to communicate with the organization requiring your documents to make sure Commissioner for Oaths is the service you need.

Here we sort out a list that a commissioner for oaths generally do.

(1) Statement in lieu of certificate of non-impediment to marriage abroad

(2) Form 1095 Declaration of Student Whose Parents or Spouse Does Not Reside in Canada

  (Click the link to download the 1095 form-English & French Versions are available )

(3) Proof of address

(4) Proof of marriage, common-law partner or divorce 

(5) Proof of income

(6) Guadian oath: swear to take care of the designated child and deal with emergencies during the study period 

(7) Documents of immigration or law court

(8) Swear documents are the true copy of the original documents 

You could bring your own document or we could help you to dwaft one and sign it for you.

Note: Commissioners for oaths are not required to verify the accuracy of a statement sworn under oath.

4. How could I find a Commissioner for Oaths? 

There are two ways:

First way: Follow the following steps.

(1) Click the following link

(2)  Input the postal code

(3) Click search

Second way: Contact the Commissioner for Oaths in our company .

Commissioner for Oaths for Québec and for outside of Québec

Deng Liu

1625, boulevard de Maisonneuve Ouest
Montréal (Quebec)  H3H 2N4
Tel.: 438 464-1314

Contact us today to swear an oath!