How to choose a phone plan or internet provider?

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In the market, there  are so many phone plan or internet providers. Sometimes you are lost by the numerous choices. Here is a general guide with a detailed illustration about Fizz.

The most common phone plan or internet providers are : Rogers, Bell, Vidéotron, Telus, Wind, Fido, Virgin Mobile, Koodo, Fizz, Chatr, Lucky, Sasktel, MTS, TBaytel, Primus Mike, Public, Searsconnet, Petro-Canada Mobility etc.

Among them, Bell Mobility, Virgin Mobile and MTS affiliate to Bell Canada. Rogers Wireless, Fido and Chatr affiliate to Rogers Communication. Telus Mobility, Koodo and Public affiliate to Telus. Fizz affiliate to Vidéotron. 

If you really want to get a good deal, you probably need to shop around and do the comparison. But if you are looking for an ecomical phone or Internet plan, Fizz might be a good choice for the low price, stable signal and motivating referral bonus: get at least $25 for opening an account. Here I share some of my personal experience with you. 

After coming to Canada, I find that the mobile plan is kind of expensive. After using three years Fido plan, I decide to look for something else because first I have limited budget and second, I could not run out of 2G each month and it is kind of waste.

With the recommendation of my friend, I got to know two low price suppliers: Lucky and Fizz. Considering that Fizz uses the 4G network of Videotron, signals will be more stable. I finally chose Fizz.

Then I log into the website, I checked the plan: 1 G data + unlimited SMS + unlimited call, $29 tax included. Pretty good. So I did the shift from Fido to Fizz right away on the website:


Common questions:

1. How to change the mobile plan to Fizz while keeping the original number?

   (Please order the Fizz mobile service before ending the previous phone service)


   A. Order SIM card(

   B. Activate the SIM card once you receive it(

   C. Create a mobile plan and confirm    (

   D. The Fizz configuration page asks if you want to transfer your phone number or pick a new one, you

      choose transfer your phone number.

  E.  Select the name of the mobile phone service company, fill in the account number of the previous service provider, press * # 06 # to enter the serial number of mobile phone, and follow the instructions.

  F. Put Fizz SIM card in the phone (the phone needs to be unlocked), and receive a Fizz text message in about 10 minutes, saying that activation is complete and you are good to use it.

2. How could I pay for the bill?

After registering your credit or debit card on your personal page, the bill will be automatically charged on the billing day, which is very convenient.

3. What should I do to minimize my payment in case I need to leave Canada temporarily?

To leave Canada for a short time: go to the personal page-select my plan-change the plan to minimize services, about $ 7 a month to keep numbers and accounts. If you have any questions, you can also click the chat button to contact customer service.

4. Could I roll over my data to next month or do data gifting?

Yes, you could roll over any unused data to next month. If you have extra data, you could also do data gifting to anyone you want.

5. Could I use this code to order an Internet service? How?

Yes, this code is also good for ordering an Internet service. Free modem and router. See below for details:

6. Could I adjust my plan?

Yes, you could adjust your plan at any time. It will be in effect starting from the next billing date.

So now I recommend Fizz to everyone. Anyone use my referral code: JM3Z8 will get $25 bonus from the Fizz company and $5 bonus from me (please take a photo after application and contact me by message: 4384641314.) 

7. Where and when I need to put the referral code? 

When you order a SIM card or your internet service, at the page of payment, there will have a place for you to input the referral code. You must put the referral code to get the bonus from Fizz and me.