Tax Claim and Tips 

1. Who must file a return?

  • Tax liablity (you owe CRA tax)

  • RRSP withdrawals: Report the money as income if you withdraw money from RRSP 

  • Receive CRA request letter

  • Have to pay Canada Pension Plan (CPP) if you have self-empoyed income 

  • When you sell investment property

  • People who claimed a reserve to spread tax out over different years

2. Why you should file a tax return? 

  • Get the refund 

  • Expecting tax credits like GST/HST, Child tax credit etc.

  • Eligible for refundable tax credits

  • Build RRSP contribution room

  • ​Tuition credits carring forward for students

3. What's the deadline for filing tax?

    Individuals: Tax returns and payments are due April 30.

    Self-employed: Tax returns due June 15. Payments due April 30.

4. When you should hire a tax preparer?

  • you do not have time 

  • your tax situation is complicated 

  • you do not know how to file tax 

  • you want to ensure your tax returns are accurate

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